Has anyone ever asked you, ‘What’s on your mind?” Well, I rarely get that question. Why is that you ask? Because at one point I said what was on my mind. You couldn’t stop my lips from moving nor could you censor my tongue. I lived a pretty dangerous life. Just letting what I was thinking, or not, spill out of my mouth without apology. I mean how could you blame me, I came from some very outspoken women, who had no problem telling you like “it I-T is”. I can laugh now at that saying because I can also go back to a time in my reality where I remember being and living like it is what it is. The same way I spoke. But this isn’t about what you are speaking, I want to focus on what you are thinking. What are the driving thoughts in your brain? What is keeping you going, or, standing you still? Are they happy thoughts, or thoughts of torment, discomfort and disease? Do you think your thoughts and feel good afterwards, or are you hung over in despair? Either way, you need to have a clear understanding of how, what you think truly affects where you are right now. Further, how your thoughts have been shaping who you are, how you present yourself to the world, and your future reality.

Maybe this is the confirmation you needed to get into alignment. Maybe this is confirmation that you are in alignment. Maybe this is a coaster for your drink, a teaching tool for your children, or a conversation starter amongst friends and colleagues. Either way you think about it, you chose those thoughts and your reality made this blog real for you. Your past thinking caused the universe to create someone to understand the aspects of thinking, and put it in terms that you will understand. Maybe this blog was exactly what you needed, that you asked for, and the universe is delivering it to your doorstep. Well, it is here now, so what will be your excuse?

Congratulation’s, you are NOW taking the first step toward your true alignment!


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