About The Creator

Everyday we are creating. We are God-beings living within a human body, only for the experience. So why is it that we want things that seem so unattainable? It’s not that we cant have it, our inner-being (God-being) creates desires inside of us with the hopes that we would just get into alignment and create the thoughts, get into receiving mode, and obtain our creations.

These Journals and Gamebooks are resources that Ashley created because when she was younger she submitted the request to become a teacher. This required her entire life to be a lesson. Everyday she is taught something, and everyday she wants to teach others what she learned. All the journals and gamebooks she has on this site are a reflection of Ashley CREATING, and the CREATION appearing out of thin air. Ashley has put into practice every single product she has created, and only the ones that work make it to this site. Since the hard part is done, it is up to you to just, create. Use the resources provided and create the best experience you can have!